Sunday, October 11, 2020

Just Some Musings For 11 October 2020

 Okay, so I know it's after Midnight so technically it's the 12th now. Oh well . . .

worked on the website some more, finally have it more or less to my liking more or less. Been a hard day, sonce I was having trouble concentrating on my work all day. Not sure what it was but yeah, it was not fun.

The Two Knuckleheads, our cats Mischa and Sabrina are getting ready for winter early. They slept most of the day, which is unusual for the pair. Usually they're up and charging around the house at least some of the day. Not today.

That's them, Mischa is the white "Shed On Demand" kitty and Sabrina is our little tuxedo kitty. They sometimes think my spot on the couch is a good place to sleep. Especially if I just got up and the seat is still warm. As an aside, they just had their second birthday on the 8th.

Later today, I will be assisting my oldest daughter in preparing for winterizing the pontoon boat. Here in the Midwest, you don't put them in the driveway and forget them. We have to protect against vermin, squirrels, neighbors, etc. Make sure to have Sta-Bil in the fuel, all fluids serviced and some heavy tarps across the top. That should be an adventure in itself.

It's late and I need sleep. Type some more later.



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