Thursday, October 15, 2020

Fall Color On The Lake And Other Musings

So, it's fall here in the Midwest, this photo taken on Mississinewa Lake. It's our local lake, close enough that we can go to the lake as a day trip. My older daughter rented a slip so her 'toon was docked there last summer. On a scale of 1 to 10, the local boaters are about a 2, no more. Too many morons on the lake every weekend. Weekdays are good, though.

We were there last Tuesday the 13th to pull out the 'toon for the season. I understand they let the water down 25 feet in the winter to help control flooding. They start raising the lake on April 1st or somewhere around that date so it will be to full pool by Memorial Day weekend.

So, a general cleanup before parking it in my son-in-law's mom's back yard, then a full polish of the aluminum in the spring should set up the boat for the summer. We can't wait, BTW.

I"m still chugging along with "Scribe" but I have seem to come down with a fall cold. No Bueno. I'm really under the weather right now. things are kind of on hold for the time being. I hope all of you that are reading "Scribe" will understand.

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