Tuesday, November 3, 2020

The Aftermath of The Upgrade

 The upgrade was completed but there was some confusion as to which verion was being installed. It turns out it was version 1909 that was dropped on my new SSD hard drive. Yeah. Not what I was expecting but ya know, it works. All except running games, that is.

It would seem Windows 10 considers Secure Loc and other types of DRM on CD/DVD not secure, a major security hole. As if Edge isn't? Anyway, going to try to install VirtualBox, then Linux Mint-Cinnamon with Wine + DirectX 9 and see if I can run a few games under a Virtual Machine. Man, this has really been an eye-opener as I have two productivity pieces of software that are now obsolete and a number of games that will not run under Windows 10 build 1909.

Still  would like the Linux Mint to get used to running a *unix type program again. That's for the day the 'tards at Redmond, Washington decide to stick their hands out, telling me Windows is now a subscription based product. Get my drift?

Anyway, that's all for now.


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