Friday, July 9, 2021

(Rant) My Dealings With California Department Of Motor Vehicles, Long Distance

 California Department Of Motor Vehicles, otherwise known as a Portal To Hell on the mortal plane-

When I moved from Kalifornistan, I thought we had the title to all of our cars. Well, that wasn't so. Apparently, the lien holders of our Ford Explorer never sent it to us before they were bought up by another company back in 2012. Had to go get a release from said new company (huge pain), then a "Same As" statement that said the old company and new company were one and the same (another huge pain). Needed to get a second photo ID card to satisfy CA DMV requirements of two photo ID's, so that meant getting a passport (pain in the ass #3). Finally get all the paperwork together, notarized which was a pain (#4) due to Covid-19, sent said paperwork to those Minions of Satan in Cali. Two months later (July 7th), they send the paperwork back, "Hey, you didn't fill out part G of form 256." Bastards. Fukkin Bastards.

So, filled out forms to their satisfaction, sent them off again today. That's now $47 for Cali and $9.90 X 2 for the USPS to send it off priority second day just for a fukkin title. I just can't express how angry and depressed getting that stupid piece of paperwork has made me. Here in Indiana, you can forget about registering a vehicle if you don't have the title. And of course, dealing with California DMV through the mail, over the phone or through a chat room is just shy of a lost cause. It took two days to get to talk to a live being this last time. Whoever programmed their "Virtual Assistant" needs to be forced to walk the length of California dragging a fifty foot heavy duty tow chain for his penance.

It was last year when we started this and this whole thing has literally sucked the life out of me. I have no more fucks to give. Considering scrapping the vehicle but I would have to cut it in half first since I have no title.

Not having a good day,

Kel, the Old Warhorse

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