Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Just Some Thoughts On "Print On Demand" Publishing And New Authors

Just to bring everyone up to speed, I have published a novel in the past called "Destiny's Change" through PublishAmerica. Please note the publisher, who changed names to America Star Publishing, is now defunct. This is a good thing in that Willem Meiners et al can't scam any new authors out of a butt-tonne of money.

Anyway, I'm working of "Scribe" which I will be publishing myself and selling through Amazon. To do so, the Publish On Demand entities need the book formatted in a particular order and style. As an aside, I've been working on it for the past eight years. Yeah, a long time.

To do the formatting, I first tried a template for LibreOffice. Well, it didn't turn out so good, having some glitches that drove me insane at times. Odd things, like the text boxes for the chapter number and title moving around to different pages. Just enough to make use of that template a no go.

The next template was for a program called "Scribus", an open source equivalent to Adobe Indesign. So, as with an Adobe product, Scribus has a fairly steep learning curve. A gentleman named John Osterhout created that template plus a short written tutorial for use of said program and template. His information on self-publishing can be found HERE

I an still working on "Scribe" to get it finished but I'm currently looking for an artist to create the cover art and something for the back cover. Can't forget the spine, too. Any suggestions?

Enough rambling for now. Be safe and write on!


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